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Online Access

Welcome to the online access point for the 2023 conference! VASTA members who registered for either the online pass or the full registration can access the online portions of the conference through the links below. While the 2023 conference is not a fully hybrid conference, members can enjoy pre-recorded presentations, onsite live-streamed keynotes, and onsite recorded sessions posted after the conference. 

Pre-Recorded VASTA Sessions

Paper Presentation

Implied nasality in the Use of the Tilda by Character
Gender and Status in Salviani’s La Ruffiana

Presenter: Artemis Preeshl

In the Early Modern Italian comedy, La Ruffiana, Salviano sometimes replaces nasals /m/ and /n/ and the phthong /e/ with a tilda. The use of tilda in the text empowers servants to refute their employers’ unequitable demands. This new translation foregrounds the power and wit of women in would-be Early Modern marriage market.

Paper Presentation

The empowered actors' vocal cool-down: a collaborative exploration and cultural exchange

Presenter: Alexandra Witham & Brittany Bara

Paper Presentation

Seeing voices.

Presenter: Luzita Fereday

An essential part of the BA Acting and BA Music Theatre training at WAAPA is vocal health and the development of the voice for performance. Through laryngeal imaging the students experience working with an ENT in a live seminar and are interviewed after the event.

Panel Presentation 

How do we define biopsychosocial voice care? Integrating the theory with voice practice

Presenter: Lydia Flock, Luke Aldridge-Waddon, Stephen King, Hannah Smikle, Emma Finlay

Our panel presentation brings together experts-by-experience and practitioners in a dialogue about biopsychosocial voice care. This will be a reflective presentation session, with panelists sharing their views on defining a ‘biopsychosocial perspective’ and its implications for voice care theory and practice. The presentation content and associated discussion is co-produced by practitioners and those with lived experience of voice difficulties.

Panel Presentation 

Remote multinational teams: inclusive practices for trainers

Presenter: Melissa Reed

Are you curious about international corporate voice coaching? Dive into best practices for working remotely with global teams from an EU-based member working with corporate and startup clients.

Panel Presentation - in Spanish only

Clásicos y sudamericanidad: ¿Cómo nos hacemos cargo del universo shakespeareano hoy?

Presenter: Natalia Elgueta

¿Qué es un clásico cuando vienes de Sudamérica? ¿Cómo nos aproximamos de una manera interseccional al trabajo con textos europeos? ¿Qué se pierde y qué se gana con las traducciones desde otros idiomas de textos clásicos? y más importante aún: ¿Cómo nos hacemos cargo vocal y corporalmente de estos cruces?

Panel Presentation 

Capacity development for artist-scholars

Presenter: Shannon Vickers

Participants will gain insights of a traditional research project from start to finish, and will explore how this framework can be creatively adapted to include arts-based methodologies, approaches, and expertise towards publication. The aim of this presentation is to encourage everyone to engage in research projects and to support publications from artist-scholars in the Voice and Speech Review journal.

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