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Featured Live-Stream Recordings

Video Clipart
Video Clipart

Day 1: July 14th

Keynote with Safwat Saleem:
Finding my voice over and over... again

Featured Live Stream:
Finding your voice in Shakespeare's Language
with Michael Shipley and Matt Koenig

Featured Panel:

Parent-Artist Advocacy

Day 2: July 15th

Keynote with Patsy Rodenburg

Mediated by William Ryder

To download a Transcript of the Closed Captions: CLICK HERE

Keynote Conversation: The Cultural Voice Change with Stan Brown and Nicole Cowans

Featured Workshop:
With Stan Brown

Group 1

Featured Workshop:
With Stan Brown

Group 2

Day 3: July 16th

Featured Live Stream from the UK: 

Coresinging: The work of Meribeth Dayme

Featured Warmup:

MVM Miller Voice Method

VSR Workshop

Stand, Breathe, and Speak: Blending Suzuki Actor Training with Vocal Discoveries

with Karen Kopryanski, Robin Aronson and Jo Loth

Featured HealthCore Panel

From the Voice Clinic to the Studio: Practical Information for Personalizing SOVTEs

Featured Presentation:

The Voice Lesson

by Anna-Helena McLean

featuring Erin Nicole Washington and

Sarah Nichols

  • THIS IS A PRIVATE VIDEO and artists within this project are protected with anonymity

  • NO SCREENSHOTS can be shared from this footage for sharing online and publicly in any context

  • Any requests for fully consenting screenshots from the project for public use can be directed to if required


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